Here’s How An Electric Fuel Pump Works


If you could look inside your fuel tank, you would find a cylindrical pump. It’s the electric fuel pump, and its job is to pump fuel into the engine and to maintain a certain fuel system pressure. It may be smaller than many parts in your car, but it actually plays a huge role in the operation of your engine.

Cleaning your car's pump's fuel filter isn't that difficult, but if you're not sure, a good option would be to hire a reliable mechanic to do it for you. That makes things easier--and guarantees that your car's fuel pump filter remains in tip-top shape.

Continue reading our guide below to know more about the Electric Fuel Pump:

How An Electric Fuel Pump Works

An electric pump has a similar diaphragm-and-valve arrangement, but instead of the camshaft, a solenoid (an electromagnetic switch) provides the pull on the diaphragm.

The solenoid attracts an iron rod that pulls the diaphragm down, drawing petrol into the chamber.

Towards the end of its movement, the iron pole forces apart a bunch of contacts, breaking the current to the electromagnet and loosening up the draw on the diaphragm.

When the diaphragm return spring raises the diaphragm, it also pulls the rod away from the contacts; they then close so that the solenoid pulls the rod and diaphragm down again.

Circulating petrol continuously

Most mechanical and electrical systems pump fuel only when the carburettor needs it. An alternative system has a complete circuit of pipes, from the tank to the carburettor and back again. The pump sends petrol ceaselessly round this circuit, from which the carburettor draws petrol as it needs it.

Filtering petrol and air

Both petrol and air are filtered before passing into the carburettor. The petrol filter may be a replaceable paper one inside a plastic housing in the fuel line. A pump may include a wire or plastic gauze filter, and sometimes a bowl to catch sediment.

The air cleaner is a case fitted over the carburettor air consumption, generally containing a replaceable paper-filter component.

Cleaning Your Electric Fuel Pump

Locate fuel pump in the fuel tank

First, you need to figure out where exactly is the electric fuel pump filter is located in your vehicle. Usually electric filters are either located inside or close to the tank or at the back of the car - it depends on the manufacturer and model of the car.

Disconnect battery first

This is significant, first, you have to disconnect the battery before you start the cleaning task because it is an electric pump, any small spark can light the fuel.

Block the fuel pipes to avoid fuel gushing

As you have disconnected the battery, you need to stop fuel from gushing out of the disconnected fuel pipes. For blocking the fuel pipes you can either insert an old pencil, thin cocks or rubber bungs or something that is handy and can fit your fuel pipes.

Remove and clean all filters with petrol

Make sure all filters are cleaned by washing them with fresh petrol. Always use fresh petrol when cleaning the filters. Properly clean the filters; make sure there is no dirt or other contaminants.

Clean inside of the filter with clean rag

Now that you have washed the filters with petrol, don't leave the filters drenched in petrol. Get a clean lint-free rag and wipe off the inside of the pump.

Check sealing gaskets

When cleaning the filters, check for the sealing gaskets and ensure they are in a decent condition. If they are not in a good condition, replace them. Damaged gaskets would result in fuel leakage during its functioning.

Fix it back

Whenever you are finished with the cleaning of filters, fix them back to their original place with the screws given. Ensure you don't over tighten the screws of the cover.

The purpose of your vehicle's fuel system is to store and supply the gasoline or diesel fuel your engine needs to run. Your vehicle's fuel system is like the vascular system in your body: the fuel pump acts like the heart, the fuel lines act like the veins, and the fuel filter acts like the kidneys. A failure in any of these key fuel system components would result in the same devastating effects to your vehicle as a failure in any of the human vascular components would to your body. To prevent this, do follow our guide on how to clean the Electric Fuel Pump filter properly.